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Madea's Next Top Model is a web and video segment based on the widely-popular American reality television show America's Next Top Model and the Tyler Perry franchise in which a number of women compete for the title of Madea's Next Top Model and a chance to start their career in the modeling industry. The segment is a fan-based segment in which contestants from other Top Model shows like America's Next Top Model and Canada's Next Top Model, as well as actresses from other television series such as Pussycat Dolls present: The Search For The Next Doll, and soap operas Passions and The Yong and The Restless compete for the title. It is hosted by Mable "Madea" Simons. The first cycle premiered in August 2007, a while after the finale of Cycle 2 of Canada's Next Top Model, and was shown on YouTube. It was then shown later on Multiply.com. It's currently running its second cycle, which premiered in May 2008, and will end in early December.

Format of Segment

Every cycle of Madea's Next Top Model has 28 episodes and starts with 30 contestants. Each episode, one contestant is eliminated, though in rare cases a double elimination or no elimination was given by consensus of the judging panel. Makeovers are administered to contestants early in the season (usually after the first or second elimination in the finals), a different location base and a trip to an international destination is scheduled at the half-way point of the season (with 10 girls going overseas).

Each episode covers the events of a week of real time and features a fashion challenge, photo shoot or commercial, a critique of each contestant and her performance by the judging panel led by Madea, and her co-hosts (being Tyra Banks and Tricia Helfer (for Cycle 1), Robin Antin (for Cycle 2) and T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh (for Cycle 3)), and the elimination of one or more contestants. The current judging panel includes Madea's co-hosts Tyra Banks and T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh, creative directors Jay Manuel and Cassi Davis (of Tyler Perry's House of Payne), runway coaches J. Alexander and Stacey McKenzie, Canadian supermodel and activist Yasmin Warsame, fashion journalist Jeanne Beker and editor-at-large of Vogue magazine André Leon Talley. Previous judges include Tricia Helfer, Robin Antin (both replaced by T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh), Twiggy, Lil' Kim (both replaced by Yasmin Warsame), and Nigel Barker (replaced by André Leon Talley. Usually, an additional guest judge will sit in on the panel every week. Each episode is usually associated with a theme in the world of modeling, such as dealing with the press in interviews, selling a commercial product, appearing in a runway show, fun activities or going on "go sees".

An episode usually begins with the contestants receiving training in an area concurrent with the week's theme. For example, contestants may get coached in runway walking, improvisational acting, applying make-up to suit various occasions and miscellaneous recreational activities to keep the models in fit shape physically and mentally. A related challenge soon follows and a winner is chosen by a judge. She receives some prize, such as clothing, a night out, or an advantage at the next photo shoot, and she is usually allowed to share the benefits with a certain number of other contestants of her choice.

The next segment is a photo shoot, and each contestant's performance will reflect heavily on her judging for that week. Each season features photo shoots such as bikini or lingerie shots, beauty shots, posing nude or semi-nude, posing with a land mark, posing as Madea, posing with a male model, and posing with animal(s). Usually a couple photo shoots per season is replaced with a commercial shoot or replaced by a music video shoot.

The final segment of each episode is judging. During judging, contestants are often given a challenge in some area such as posing, selling a product, runway walking, or choosing a representative outfit or make-up to satisfy a given prompt, known as a pre-evaluation task. Each contestant is called out one-by-one and each girl's photo, commercial or video takes are then shown and evaluated by the judging panel. After all photos, commercials and video takes have been evaluated, the contestants leave the room as the judges deliberate. The elimination process is ceremonious, as Madea reveals and hands out the photos of the contestants that have not been eliminated one-by-one, in order of merit, each time saying, "Congratulations. You are still in the running towards becoming Madea's Next Top Model". The last two contestants who have not received their photos are brought up as "the bottom two", and Madea critiques each one before revealing which of the two is continuing on in the competition (the other being eliminated). However, there have been three exceptions, as Cycle 1 had a double elimination and also had a pass-through elimation (where there is a bottom one instead of a bottom two and that girl still continues in the competition), Cycle 2 had a non-elimination, and in both Cycles 1 and 2, one contestant decides to quit. Cycle 3's elimation format will be somewhat different as the season goes by, as the cycle is looking to be reduced in episodes with the large amount of contestants.

The format varies slightly when only three contestants remain. The three remaining contestants go on "go sees" and compete in one last photo shoot and commercial for CoverGirl, followed by a judging session in which the judges eliminate the contestant they feel to be the weakest. The final two then compete in a runway show in front of the judges and a live audience, before both their performances there and during the entire competition is considered when the judges declare a winner.

CoverGirl of the Week was established in episode 11 of Cycle 2 and was later added to Cycle 1 (despite being posed already). the choice for CoverGirl of the Week is decided by the creator of Madea's Next Top Model (being "madeasnexttopmodel"). The decision of CoverGirl of the Week in Cycle 3 will be left up to the viewers. In which case, if there are no votes coming in, then a random contestants will be selected ad CoverGirl of the Week.

Controversy, Hiatus & Comeback

For Cycle 2, Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 was the initial date of the finale of Madea's Next Top Model. But due to technical difficulties, the finale was held up until further notice. A 1:50 preview of episode 28 was uploaded on Saturday, December 27th, 2008. In lieu of the conflict, it was confirmed that Madea's Next Top Model was on hiatus, and Cycle 3 will be held off until further notice. The season finale of Cycle 2 was later posted up in January 2008. Since there was no other way to get the episode up, the bootleg version of Episode 28 was posted on Tuesday, January 13th, 2009.

Madea's Next Top Model went on a hiatus for nearly a year since the airing of the Cycle 2 season finale. However, after the 2nd version of the Cycle 2 opening was uploaded, the promo for Cycle 3 was later released and stated the premiere date to be on Wednesday, December 8th, 2010.

Cycle 3 returns with with a couple major changes to it's original formatting in it's previous 2 cycles.


Numeric Labels:

  1. Cycles
  2. Premiere Date
  3. Winner
  4. Runner Up
  5. Other Contstants (In Order of Elimination)
  6. Number of Contestants
  7. Main Location
  8. International Destination
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Cycle 1 August 15, 2007 Kathleen DuJour Heather Dorssers Sisi Wang, Jaeda Young, Dawn Buggins, Nnenna Agba, Jacqueline Blackman, Cori McKinnon, Ylenia Aurucci, Melrose Bickerstaff, Rebecca Hardy, Danielle Evans, Andrea Muizelaar (quit), Tenika Davis, Brandi Alexander, Tara-Marie Winspur, Jade Cole, Dionne Walters, Renee Alway, Nelly Furtado, Joanie Dodds, Alanna Shelast, Jael Strauss, Sinead Brady, Furonda Brasfield, Jaslene Gonzalez, Tia Ayrton-Hill & Kahlen Rondot, CariDee English, Gwen Stefani 30 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Miami, Florida, United States
Cycle 2 May 28, 2008 Melissa Reyes Carly Pope Leslie Grossman, Mika Emmé, Brittany Diiorio, Mariela Arteaga (quit), Natalie Talson, Anastacia Rose McPherson, Sara Rue, Gina Guimont, Mo Ninalowo, Sylvie Majcher, Genelle Williams, Sisely Treasure, Tamara Mello, Chelsea Korka, Steff Groulx, Asia Nitollano, Jaime Benjamin, Lindsay Hartley, Tammy Lynn Michaels, Melissa Smith, Kate Todd, Amelia Heinle, Heidi Mueller, Christel Khalil, Liza Huber, Emily Harper, Leslie Bibb, McKenzie Westmore 30 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica
Cycle 3 December 8, 2010 TBA TBA Eliminated: Brenda Song, Debby Ryan, Maddy Tyers, Jennifer Stone, Jamie Lynn Spears, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle & Caitlyn Taylor Love, Miley Cyrus & Jennette McCurdy, Raven-Symoné Pearman & Vanessa Morgan, Tiffany Thornton & Emily Osment, Danielle Campbell & Hananh Lochner Still in the Running: Brittany Adams, Nicole Anderson, Zoë Belkin, Chloe Bridges, Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Victoria Justice, Shanica Knowles, Ashley Leggat, Demi Lovato, Meaghan Jette Martin, Bridgit Mendler, Keke Palmer, Jasmine Richards, Emily Robins, Erin Sanders, Christian Serratos, Lindsey Shaw, Chelsea Staub, Alyson Stoner, Sally Taylor-Isherwood, Ashley Tisdale, Anneliese van der Pol, Maiara Walsh 40 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Berlin, Germany
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