3 Top Models found around the world


Cycle 5 of both Australia's Next Top Model & Britain's Next Top Kodel as well as Cycle 3 of Canada's Next Top Model have all ended off with a bang. 3 winners come out victorious through the process. 16-year old Tahnee Atkinson from North Fremantle, Western Australia has been crowned the winner of Australia's Next Top Model for Cycle 5, beating out fellow 16-year-old contestant Cassi Van Den Dungen from Sunbury, Victoria. 18-year-old Mecia Simone Simson from Plymouth, England has been crowned the winner of Britain's Next Top Model for Cycle 5, beating out fellow 18-year-old contestant Sophie Sumner from Oxford. Finally, 19-year-old Meaghan DeWarreng-Waller from Winnipeg, Manitoba has been crowned the winner of Canada's Next Top Model for Cycle 3, beating out fellow 22-year-old contestant Linsay Willier from Edmonton, Alberta.


Other Top Model winners of this year include 20-year-old Teyona Anderson from Woodstown, New Jersey, who was crowned the winner of America's Next Top Model for Cycle 12, beating out fellow 20-year-old contestant Allison Harvard from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Nelly Furtado has a new "Plan"


About 2 years after Madea's Next Top Model, Canadian singer/songwiter Nelly Furtado has been looking towards her new "Plan". Furtado plans to release her 4th studio album in the early Fall of 2009…and it's all in Spanish. Her upcoming Spanish album will be called "Mi Plan" (translation: "My Plan") and is said to have 12 new songs, all in Spanish. The lead single, "Manos Al Aire" (translation: "Hands In The Air") was released for airplay worldwide on Monday, June 29, 2009, with digital and mobile retail availability to follow the next day. Its second single entitled "Más" (translation: "More") was released on July 21, 2009, on iTunes Store. 2 more singles will be released over the course of 2 months.

Official Songs:

  • Manos Al Aire
  • Más
  • Mi Plan f. Álex Cuba
  • Baja Otra Luz (translation: "Under Another Light"), f. Julieta Venegas and La Mala Rodríguez
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