Heather Dorssers

Heather Dorssers (born March 19, 1986) is an Canadian fashion model from Blenheim, Ontario. Dorssers was the runner up on the 1st cycle of Madea's Next Top Model. She was also the first contestant on Madea's Next Top Model to never make an appearance in the bottom two. Before MNTM, she was a contestant on Cycle 1 of the Canadian reality television show Canada's Next Top Model in 2006, and was placed in 7th place.

Early Life

Before Top Model, Heather worked at a small factory. Her hobbies inclued snowboarding, mountain biking, camping, painting and photography. Heather attended Ursuline College a.k.a. The Pines Catholic Secondary School in Chatham, Ontario.

Top Model

Heather appeared in Cycle 1 of Canada's Next Top Model after auditioning and receiving a phone call from CityTV stating that she was one of ten girls chosen from nearly two thousand country-wide applicants. She started off at the top of the pack, and immediately became competition to the rest of the girls. It wasn't until week 4, when she got eliminated for not having any natural sense of movement or ability to emote, despite her beauty. Her bad photo shoot and inability to work out with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak lead the judges to eliminate her.

A year after, in 2007, she appeared on the 1st cycle of Madea's Next Top Model. Heather, again, became huge competition towards rest of the contestants with her strikingly beautiful portfolio, awesome runway walk and editorial and commercial brillance in front of the camera. She got along well with fellow CNTM costentants Andrea Muizelaar, Ylenia Aurucci, Brandi Alexander, Sisi Wang, Tenika Davis, Dawn Buggins, Alanna Shelast, Sinead Brady, Rebecca Hardy, Jacqueline Blackman, Cori McKinnon & Tia Ayrton-Hill. She also befriended ANTM contestants Kahlen Rondot, Kathleen DuJour, Jael Strauss, Joanie Dodds & CariDee English, but could not get along well with ANTM Cycle 8 contestant Renee Alway. She ultimately made it all the way to Miami, Florida and made it to the final 3 along with Kathleen DuJour & American singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani, in which she was placed 2nd. Heather is the first contestant who had not been placed in the bottom two for the whole entire competition (Carly Pope of Cycle 2 being the second).


Date of birth: March 19, 1986
Place of birth: Blenheim, Ontario, Canada
Height: n/a
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Green
Measurements: n/a
Dress size: n/a
Shoe size: n/a
Agency: Sutherland Models

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