Cycle 1

Madea's Next Top Model, Cycle 1 premiered on August 15, 2007. The first cycle features the all-stars of America's Next Top Model, Cycles 4, 6, 7 & 8, as well as Cycles 1 & 2 of Canada's Next Top Model. The cast originally was to be 12 contestants, then increased to 14, and finally agreed to be 28. But decided to add pop singers Nelly Furtado & Gwen Stefani to the competition, making it 30 in total. The season's catch-phrase is "Glamour at its Best". Although its gone through its ups and downs, good feedbacks and harsh criticizms, this cycle sucessfully finished on February 20, 2008.

The main location it was held was Toronto, Onatario, Canada. The international destination during this cycle was Miami, Florida, United States. The winner won a representation by either Elite Model Management, Sutherland Models, Ford Models or Chic Model Management, a fashion spread in VOGUE Top Model magazine, and a $100,000 contract with P&G Beauty cosmetics.

The winner was 20-year-old Kathleen DuJour from Brooklyn, New York, who became the first African American winner.

Episode Summaries

Episode 1

Episode 1
Sleepless in Toronto

The 28 finalists from America’s Next Top Model and Canada’s Next Top Model meet in Toronto, Canada and have a housewarming party to celebrate making the show. Deciding to have a bit more fun, Madea added 2 more girls in the competition. Both girls are famous recording artists from Canada and the U.S. who are Nelly Furtado and Gwen Stefani.

Later on, the girls were driven to the Top Model House in the eastern part of Downtown Toronto. They received Madea Mail saying that they were to stay up all night in order for their first photo shoot to go well, but Sisi decided to go to bed anyways.

The next day, the girls go to brunch and does their photo shoot in North York. Once they got back, the girls proceed to their first official judging and elimination panel, where the weak photos of Sisi and Kathleen cause them to fall to the bottom two. Because Sisi didn’t follow the instructions as told, she got eliminated.

Bottom two: Kathleen DuJour & Sisi Wang
Eliminated: Sisi Wang
CoverGirl of the Week: Nelly Furtado

Episode 2

Episode 2
Money in the Bank

In the makeover episode, Kathleen went from having a puffy red afro to letting her hair down with black curls. Madea had doubts about whether Kathleen was going to make it far in the competition, so she got some coaching from judge Tricia Helfer on how to look during a photoshoot.

The next day, Madea sent the girls to see multiple-Emmy Award winning host and Academy Award-nominated actress Oprah Winfrey at North York Sheridan Mall, where the challenge was to make the most money. Cori won the challenge. The following day, they received Madea Mail saying that they are to be at the Toronto-Dominion Centre for their photo shoot pertaining to banking.

At the elimination panel, Cori’s challenge win made her shine in her photo. The judges were surprised by Kathleen’s photo where as she was the only girl who looked the part of a banker. It was Jaeda who was eliminated because of her poor performance in the shoot.

Bottom two: Jaeda Young & Tia Ayrton-Hill
Eliminated: Jaeda Young
Special guests: Oprah Winfrey
CoverGirl of the Week: Dawn Buggins

Episode 3

Episode 3
Gimme That Old Time Religion

In this episode, Tricia visited the girls at their suite to teach them a little bit about acting. She taught them an exercise where their facial expressions had to go from happy to angry in ten steps. All of the girls displayed convincing emotions except for Alanna and Cori, who giggled when they were supposed to be angry.

For their challenge, the girls had to pretend to be housecats and crawl around their photographer's legs; this exercise was to let them release their inhibitions. CariDee won the challenge. For the photoshoot, the girls had to take what they learned from Tricia and display it in their photos—as olden time maids. Some girls had to be in pairs.

Going back to the house, Furonda, Jade, Brandi, Dionne, Danielle, Tenika and Kathleen decided to do a step whenever they received Madea Mail. At elimination, the judges were highly impressed with their photos. Ylenia was the first girl to be called out of elimination. But Dawn was eventually the one picked to pack her bags, as the judges felt that her unique bone structure would limit her future in modelling.

Bottom two: Dawn Buggins & Alanna Shelast
Eliminated: Dawn Buggins
CoverGirl of the Week: Dawn Buggins

Episode 4

Episode 4
Now Playing in Theatres

The final 27 are taken to the Cineplex Movie Theatre in Brampton, Onatrio, where they got the chance to see Rush Hour 3 starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. The girls were sent to Brampton Theatre School in Downtown Brampton where they met founder John Thomas. Their challenge was to follow through a play written act. Heather won the challenge.

The next day, the girls travel to the Uptown Theatre in Downtown Toronto where they have their photoshoot based upon 3 selected movies (Hairspray, Taxi and Coyote Ugly). At the shoot, Nnenna struggled with her poses and how she was suppose to pose.

Once they got home, the girls proceed to the judging and elimination panel. Andrea found herself in the bottom two for the 1st time alongside Nnenna, but was chosen over Nnenna in terms of ability. Because Nnenna was found to be more "plain Jane", she was eliminated.

Bottom two: Nnenna Agba & Andrea Muizelaar
Eliminated: Nnenna Agba
Special guests: John Thomas
CoverGirl of the Week: Sinead Brady

Episode 5

Episode 5

Twiggy and Jeanne Beker give the girls some advice on how to act around little children. They are taken to Aldergrove Public School in Markham with principal Deborah Smith and vice-principal Susan Palmer. After that, the girls are then treated to a "fun day", which is actually their challenge. They meet English actress Julie Andrews and do a dance routine to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from the 1964 film Mary Poppins. Gwen Stefani, who happens to be a big fan of Julie, wins the challenge.

Back at the Top Model house, actor Dick Van Dyke meets them to show the girls the photos taken throughout the day, including Tia falling on Sinead and several embarrassing shots of Danielle. The girls were sent to Runnymede Collegiate Institute to do their “alphabet” themed photoshoot.

At judging, the elimination challenge was the photos taken at the boxing match. Only Furonda, Jade, Rebecca, Jaslene, Kahlen, Tara and Dionne did exceptionally well in the photoshoot. Ylenia was told to tone down a bit when it comes to positioning her body. In the end the judges couldn't decide who to send home, Gwen Stefani or Jacqueline, resulting in a vote. Jacqueline was sent home because she was thought to be "forgettable".

Bottom two: Gwen Stefani & Jacqueline Blackman
Eliminated: Jacqueline Blackman
Special guests: Deborah Smith, Susan Palmer, Julie Andrews & Dick Van Dyke
CoverGirl of the Week: Sinead Brady

Episode 6

Episode 6
Walk This Way

J. Alexander and Stacey McKenzie prepares the girls with a unique runway exercise from atop a ½" wide tight rope. The next day, their runway skills are put to the test in their rockiest challenge yet. The contestants were asked to strut across broken slabs of concrete in high heels while wearing masks which impaired their vision. The winners of the challenge were Jade and Tara.

Later, the girls have to rock a simple catwalk in cold air. CariDee has to be pulled out from the catwalk prematurely when she starts shivering uncontrollably. At judging, Jaslene received bonus comments from fellow contestants on how well her photo looked. In the end, it is Cori and Alanna who land in the bottom two. Cori is subsequently eliminated for her horrible performance on set.

Bottom two: Cori McKinnon & Alanna Shelast
Eliminated: Cori McKinnon
CoverGirl of the Week: CariDee English

Episode 7

Episode 7
24 Hours a Day

The theme for the week is time, and Nigel Barker meets the girls at a clock store in the Eaton Centre, introducing the task. They each have a limited amount of time to rush over to one point of Toronto and back. Nelly Furtado and Rebecca were the only ones to complete the task, and win the challenge, choosing Jade, Melrose & Furonda to share in their prize of Algarve custom made watches.

Andrea calls her mother, describing Melrose's behaviour around others. She also described the way Tara is acting around her and as well as Jade and Renee. The pandemonium continues all the way to the photo shoot, where their Madea Mail states that they are doing a different type of photoshoot. The style of this shoot will portray a day-in-the-life of a Top Model throughout the whole day. The 24 girls were given a certain hour of a day to portray how it will look at that particular hour.

At judging, Melrose is called out for not using her real personality well in her photos, while Ylenia is criticized for looking too "Hollywood". Thus, sending Ylenia home instead of Melrose.

Bottom two: Melrose Bickerstaff & Ylenia Aurucci
Eliminated: Ylenia Aurucci
CoverGirl of the Week: Heather Dorssers

Episode 8

Episode 8
"Ha, Ha, Ha, NOT Funny!"

The girls fly to the FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival in Calgary, Alberta, where they meet comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Canadian comedian Russell Peters. Brandi is described as the funniest by Tenika, Kathleen and Jael as being incredibly hilarious by Dionne and Nelly as naturally funny by Tara.

They fly back to Toronto to the Royal Alexandra Theatre, where they meet with Friends cast member Matt LeBlanc. The girls learned about improv while doing stand-up comedy. Jade's personality didn’t impressed LeBlanc and the other girls, but it was Joanie who won a guest role on Ugly Betty. Back at the house, Tia was criticized by Melrose as being too loud. Tia stated, "What goes around, comes around, bitch!"

During their photo shoot, where they had to laugh, Sinead once again shines with her blissful look while Andrea delivers some passionate shots. Melrose, affected by what happened at the house, stumbles. She is in the bottom 2 for looking ugly and fake with Tara. Melrose is eliminated which spreads feeling of relief.

Bottom two: Melrose Bickerstaff & Tara-Marie Winspur
Eliminated: Melrose Bickerstaff
Special guests: Jerry Seinfeld, Russell Peters & Matt LeBlanc
CoverGirl of the Week: Kahlen Rondot

Episode 9

Episode 9
Shut Up and Drive

The girls meet Allstate spokesman Dennis Haysbert at Yonge St. & Steeles Ave., where they are taught how to walk and drive in a straight line, up and down the street, and while carrying items. While most girls adapt well, Andrea struggles and walks awkwardly throughout the entire duration.

The next day, they are brought to Wal-Mart at Keele St. & Lawrence Ave. West for their reward challenge. They all have to drive on Lawrence Ave. West from Keele St. all the way to Weston Rd. and back in 3 hours. Tara & Dionne were announced the winners and each received a Mercedes-Benz W164 M-Class SUV.

For the photo shoot, the girls are shooting a car ad for the Toyota Camry. While Rebecca's photo is being taken, she crashes into a pole by accident, damaging the car. She is sent to the hospital before she decides to continue on with the shoot. Jael was criticized for her poor choice in wardrobe, but was acknowledged for her photo. Tara had been criticized as the judges as appearing “slutty” in her photos, however it was Rebecca, the girl who accidentally crashed the car, who is sent home.

Bottom two: Tara-Marie Winspur & Rebecca Hardy
Eliminated: Rebecca Hardy
Special guests: Dennis Haysbert
CoverGirl of the Week: Jael Strauss

Episode 10

Episode 10
The Holy Ghost Power Is Moving Just Like a Magnet (or Go to Church)

The contestants learned about Christianity and fashion from American gospel singers Donnie McClurkin & Yolanda Adams. They put their knowledge to the test in a church fashion show challenge at Faith Sanctuary on Jane St.. Brandi was the crowd favourite, and won a $25,000 diamond cross necklace.

Heather was mad at Renee for not sharing the phone with the other girls because Renee kept using the phone to call her husband, causing Heather to lash out at Renee.

The photo shoot required the girls to dress like their going to church. At judging, Jay Manuel accused Danielle of doing a poor job at the shoot, then Madea had rebuked Jay for attacking Danielle and then the Holy Spirit fell on the girls and the judges. Andrea had to hold Heather, Tia, Sinead and Alanna’s photos cause they were still tarrying. Danielle was eliminated.

Bottom two: Tara-Marie Winspur & Danielle Evans
Eliminated: Danielle Evans
Special guests: Donnie McClurkin & Yolanda Adams
CoverGirl of the Week: Alanna Shelast

Episode 11

Episode 11
Upgrade U

In the eleventh episode, vogueing expert Benny Ninja shows the girls how to pose…with jewellery. They’re taken to Queen’s Park to do a pose-off challenge. Tenika impresses Benny and she comments that Tenika is closest to becoming Madea’s Next Top Model. But it was Jaslene who ends up winning the challenge for using her “Latina” energy.

The next day, the girls were taken to Toronto City Hall to do a video shoot instead of a photo shoot. Guest judges, Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z arrived by to direct them through the girls’ mock out of their video “Upgrade U”. On set, Jaslene used her spicy energy, Dionne gained a lot of self confidence, and Kathleen over-did her poses and movements.

During the eleventh elimination ceremony, the girls are asked to display their jewellery for the judges. All the girls chose excellent jewellery. Brandi wore her prize jewellery from last week. In the end, Andrea is eliminated. Although Madea didn't want to see her go, Andrea felt that she doesn’t feel for the competition anymore.

Bottom two: Tara-Marie Winspur & Andrea Muizelaar
Eliminated: Andrea Muizelaar (quit)
Special guests: Benny Ninja, Beyoncé Knowles & Jay-Z
CoverGirl of the Week: Brandi Alexander

Episode 12

Episode 12
Work It Out

In the twelfth episode, American actor, writer, director, and producer Vin Diesel wakes up the girls and prepares to whip them into shape. All the girls were quick to focus, but Heather took an especially long time to get focused. Vin wasn’t impressed. After a five-minute run and dance session, the girls were given a challenge to pole-dance in front of Vin. Tara did exceptionally well, but it was Alanna who wins the challenge and gets a massage back at the house, making Tara extremely jealous of her.

The next day, Heather gets upset because she received bad feedback from Vin, and also had a small crush on him. Before leaving, he was held back by Tara and Nelly and was informed that Heather liked him. He then set up a time and date for him and Heather to go out for dinner together, leaving Heather filled with joy. The photo shoot took place at GoodLife Fitness at Bramalea City Centre in Brampton.

During the twelfth elimination ceremony, the judges critiqued Tara and Tenika’s photos and explained how they over-do their poses and facial expressions. But it was Tenika’s bad photo shoot that lead the judges to eliminate her.

Bottom two: Tara-Marie Winspur & Tenika Davis
Eliminated: Tenika Davis
Special guests: Vin Diesel
CoverGirl of the Week: Brandi Alexander

Episode 13

Episode 13
Die Baby, Die! (or Murder She Wrote)

To help take her mind off her friend’s death, Furonda teaches Jael a dance, while Tara reflects on her continuous apperances in the bottom two. Later, they meet posing instructor Benny Ninja, again, and teaches them the art of voguing while playing dead. The next day, they are put to the test when they have to go through a physical obstacle course. All the girls assumed that Alanna was going to win the challenge, cause of her athletic posture. Turns out that Alanna wins her second challenge and her reward is a $40,000 bracelet.

For the week’s photo shoot, the girls are posing as murderers and their victims. At panel, all the girls receive universal praise for their beautiful pictures, except Brandi, who unfortunately ends up in the bottom two with Tara. They chose to eliminate Brandi, because they felt she could not model in high fashion. Brandi verbally communicated her disappointment that she wasn't picked, speaking her mind to the judges that they "made a big mistake by letting Tara in this competition again" and walked away—with no consoling hugs and kisses from the three remaining girls.

Bottom two: Tara-Marie Winspur & Brandi Alexander
Eliminated: Brandi Alexander
Special guests: Benny Ninja
CoverGirl of the Week: Jaslene Gonzalez

Episode 14

Episode 14
Colour Me Happy…or Not!

The girls get together with Canadian painter Terry Ananny and learn the art of painting. The girls were then challenged to make a painting of Madea. Terry was extremely impressed by Jael’s creativity, and won the challenge. She got the chance to go to the Art Gallery of Ontario, and chose Furonda and Dionne to go with her.

Back at the house, Tara asserts her personality over the rest of the girls and verbally disrespects Sinead, causing Nelly, CariDee and Renee to snap back at Tara. The next day, their photo shoot took place at the Art Gallery of Ontario, where they had to represent different colours of the rainbow. At the shoot, Dionne, Joanie, Heather and Kahlen shined at the shoot. But Gwen, Nelly, Kathleen, Alanna, and Tara did horrible.

At panel, Madea and the other judges thought half of the girls did exceptionally well, and the other half did drastically horrible. During eliminations, Madea exposed who impressed the judges and who didn’t. Tara yet again was left in the bottom two with Nelly. Tara was finally eliminated.

Bottom two: Tara-Marie Winspur & Nelly Furtado
Eliminated: Tara-Marie Winspur
Special guests: Terry Ananny
CoverGirl of the Week: Gwen Stefani

Episode 15

Episode 15
I’m Your Venus!

The girls learned about beauty by attending a workshop at the Eaton Centre. Later, the girls put their skills to use in a challenge where they had to put on some make-up that best suits them. Furonda's won the challenge and got the chance to shoot an ad for Fererro Rocher, which she shared with Sinead.

In lieu of the challenge that day and the challenge for Week 8, the girls once again had to utilize their beauty and improv skills in a commercial shoot for Venus Breeze. Tia broke down in tears before her shoot because she was nervous that her dyslexia would get in the way of her doing a good job at her commercial.

Tia and Jade were in the bottom two; Tia for failing to show any strength and Jade for her bad attitude. Tia was ultimately saved due to her dyslexia and Jade was sent home.

Bottom two: Tia Ayrton-Hill & Jade Cole
Eliminated: Jade Cole
CoverGirl of the Week: Furonda Brasfield

Episode 16

Episode 16
Split Personalities

Madea drops by to teach the girls how to cope with her moods and actions. The girls were put to the test when Madea showed off her multiple personalities. Renee handled herself well, and won the challenge. She got the chance to see This Christmas starring Regina King and Chris Brown at Bloor Cinema and chose Dionne, Furonda and Jael to go with her.

The week’s photo shoot required the girls to direct their own hair and makeup, and to showcase four selected sides of their personalities which are Happy, Angry, Sad and Tired. At panel, the judges feel that Alanna has yet to step out of her comfort zone, while Dionne produced an unpleasant photo, landing both of them in the bottom two. Alanna is given another chance as Dionne’s mean-posed photos send her home.

Bottom two: Dionne Walters & Alanna Shelast
Eliminated: Dionne Walters
CoverGirl of the Week: Joanie Dodds

Episode 17

Episode 17
S.O.S. (Rescue Me)

The girls are taught how to conduct interviews. They are then put to the test as they interview rapper Eve. Joanie is chosen as the winner because of her preparedness and clarity of speech, and wins an exclusive interview on Entertainment Tonight Canada.

After they got home, they received Madea Mail saying that they’re to be ready the next day to be rescued by a celebrity. The next day, they reach Casa Loma and meet pop and R&B singer Rihanna. The girls found out that they’re doing a mock out of Rihanna’s video “S.O.S. (Rescue Me)”.

At judging, the judges gave good critique to Kahlen and wowed the rest of the girls. Tia produced awkward moves, causing the judges to become disappointed in her, but was a shock when Renee and Sinead landed in the bottom two. The judges felt that Renee had become too ‘competitive’, and was sent home.

Bottom two: Renee Alway & Sinead Brady
Eliminated: Renee Alway
Special guests: Rihanna & Eve
CoverGirl of the Week: Sinead Brady

Episode 18

Episode 18
Top Model Secondary School

The girls are greeted by J. Alexander and a marching band at Thistletown Collegiate Institute at Islington Ave. & Albion Rd., before they are divided into teams and taught a runway walking routine based on timing and precision. After the rehearsal, they meet fashion show producer Roy Campbell, who introduced them to their challenge - a prom fashion show consisting of three categories, namely modern contemporary, the 80s prom and ghetto fabulous. Kahlen wins the runway challenge and receives her own personalized runway trophy.

The next day, the girls return to high school, where Cassi Davis assigned each of them a different high school cliché, which were the following:

While most girls excelled, Jael and Nelly Furtado struggled to fit their characters, and they consequently land in the bottom two. Jael is criticized for her inability to pose in a photograph, while the judges see Nelly Furtado as too sexual. With that, Madea hands the last photo to Jael and Nelly is eliminated.

Bottom two: Jael Strauss & Nelly Furtado
Eliminated: Nelly Furtado
Special guests: Roy Campbell
CoverGirl of the Week: Tia Ayrton-Hill

Episode 19

Episode 19
What’s Your Sign?

The girls were given a psychic evaluation test from famous psychic Sylvia Browne to test their knowledge about their sign. Later the next day, the results came in and it showed that Tia and CariDee had the highest marks out of all the girls. Both Tia & CariDee won some jewellery worth $500 000. At the house, everyone received a fortune on their bed. Kathleen was confused to what her fortune said, so she went to Heather and asked what it meant. By the time they figured it out, they were both in shock.

In this week's photo shoot, the 12 remaining girls become the 12 signs of the zodiac. Their photo shoot took place in their own home.

Heather redeems herself by producing a dynamic Gemini picture. Conversely, Alanna's Scorpio photo is deemed as "the worst photo of Madea's Next Top Model", but it was Jael who lands in the bottom two along with Joanie. Joanie is eliminated because of her lack of enthusiasm.

Bottom two: Jael Strauss & Joanie Dodds
Eliminated: Joanie Dodds
Special guests: Sylvia Browne
CoverGirl of the Week: Kathleen DuJour

Episode 20

Episode 20
Merry Christmas!

It’s the start of the winter holidays and the contestants decide to have a Christmas party. Judge Twiggy comes over to the house with Madea Mail saying to prepare for a dinner party at the Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville at Yonge St. & Bloor St.

Most Canadian celebrities were there, including past contestant and singer Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne, Jully Black, Feist, k-os, Amanda Marshall, and others. The girls found out that night that it was a challenge to see who celebrated Christmas the most. Canadian Idol season 3 winner Melissa O’Neil announced that Jaslene had won the challenge, and she received 3 Christmas gift basket courtesy of Marriott Hotels, Elite Model Management and Sutherland Models.

For the week's photo shoot, the girls had to portray a female Santa Claus. Their shoot took place at Scarborough Towne Centre. At judging, Furonda and Alanna are in the bottom 2, both for their apparent lack of commitment and Alanna is ultimately eliminated.

Bottom two: Furonda Brasfield & Alanna Shelast
Eliminated: Alanna Shelast
Special guests: Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne, Jully Black, Feist, k-os, Amanda Marshall & Melissa O’Neil
CoverGirl of the Week: Jaslene Gonzalez

Episode 21

Episode 21
Happy New Year!

The 10 remaining contestants celebrate the 2008 New Year when Tyler Perry & Tyra Banks announce that they will be headed to Miami, Florida. But before they could leave, the girls were put to a challenge to set up a going-away New Year’s Party at the Toronto Airport Marriott at Carlingview Dr. & Dixon Rd.

The party was a success as everyone worked together to make it memorable. Cassi Davis announced that Kahlen won the challenge for her excellent leadership. She wins a tour to the Bank of America Tower, and chooses Heather to go with her. Jael is angry with Kahlen after choosing Heather, as she thought she deserved to win the challenge. The next day, they finally get to reach Miami, Florida.

The photo shoot is taken place at Downtown Miami, where they portray a model heading to a New Year’s Eve party in Chanel clothing, accessories, shoes, and cosmetics. At their first panel in Florida, several girls are given harsh criticism for their performances. Tia is told that her face is not strong, and that the judges can barely understand her. During elimination, Jael, the early frontrunner to many of the girls, is eliminated due to her poor performance in the challenge and at the photo shoot.

Bottom two: Tia Ayrton-Hill & Jael Strauss
Eliminated: Jael Strauss
Special guests: Tyler Perry
CoverGirl of the Week: Heather Dorssers

Episode 22

Episode 22
"Heluur!,This is Madea-ur!"

At their hotel, the girls are given famous lines by Madea to read and memorize before having to act in a scene with male model Boris Kodjoe. While many girls flub their lines due to anxiety, Sinead surprisingly wins the challenge. She picks Gwen and Kathleen to share in her prize, which is $70,000 worth of diamonds.

For the week's photo shoot, the girls portray a slimmer version of Madea. Most of the girls struggle with the awkward situation, most notably Sinead. This angers the other girls, as they thought she would excel.

At judging, the negative response from Cassi Davis lands Sinead in the bottom two with Kahlen, who had clearly struggled at the photo shoot. In the end, frustration and arguments flare as Madea flips over Kahlen’s photo, showing that Sinead had been eliminated from the competition.

Bottom two: Kahlen Rondot & Sinead Brady
Eliminated: Sinead Brady
Special guests: Boris Kodjoe
CoverGirl of the Week: Heather Dorssers

Episode 23

Episode 23
Home, Bittersweet Home!

J. Alexander, Jay Manuel, Tyra Banks & Stacey McKenzie drop by the Biscayne Bay Marriott Hotel & Marina to let the girls know a thing or two about Jamaican food. They were brought to Ire Jamaican Restaurant on NW 79th St. & NW 31st Ave. for their challenge, which was to make the most money while working in a Caribbean-style part-time restaurant. As an experienced part-time worker at Dairy Queen, Gwen Stefani won the challenge and receives $60,000.00 cash to spend. The other contestants didn’t find it fair as they thought celebrities shouldn’t receive money as a prize, seeing that Gwen Stefani is already rich.
The next day, the contestants travelled to a local house in Coral Way for a photoshoot where the girls have to portray a stay-at-home worker. That same week the 8 girls were coached in a black and white photo shoot with Tyra assisting them. Many girls, notably CariDee, Gwen, Kahlen, and Heather impressed the judges; while Furonda was eliminated in this round as she failed to be too ‘over the top’.

Bottom two: Furonda Brasfield & Tia Ayrton-Hill
Eliminated: Furonda Brasfield
CoverGirl of the Week: Heather Dorssers

Episode 24

Episode 24
Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, CoverGirl!

Jay Manuel & Cassi Davis visits the remaining seven contestants, and informs them that they will be doing a commercial for the CoverGirl Queen Collection with Queen Latifah the next day. Tia, who is suffering from dyslexia, improvises and made her own lines. Cassi allows Tia to read her lines off cue cards. Kathleen performs well in her commercial, despite struggling with her New York accent, while Jaslene fumbles with her lines and is very self-conscious of whether she should just be plain, or to spice up her commercial. After their commercials, the girls travel back home.

At judging, Tia’s commercial is criticized. The judges also criticize Tia's tendency to talk over the judges. Kathleen's commercial was well received, and Twiggy sees a striking resemblance to Jill Marie Jones. Heather, Gwen, CariDee & Kahlen also received positive feedback. Jaslene’s commercial, however, receives criticism from Tyra, Twiggy, J. Alexander & Stacey McKenzie because of her lack of spark, which was why she was in the competition to begin with. After deliberation, Kathleen is called first, and at that time, Madea reveals that the clothes that they wore and their performance at the shoot was their challenge. Jaslene & Tia land in the bottom two, and in the end, Jaslene is sent home, despite winning the challenge.

Bottom two: Jaslene Gonzalez & Tia Ayrton-Hill
Eliminated: Jaslene Gonzalez
Special guests: Brent Poer & Queen Latifah
CoverGirl of the Week: Heather Dorssers

Episode 25

Episode 25
Never Again

The girls travel to The Hit Factory, where they meet chairman of Geffen Records Ron Fair as well as Jay Manuel. The challenge is to create a song using the instrumentals to Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied”. After recording and reviewing the girls’ songs, Ron Fair decided that the winner of the challenge was CariDee, because of her creativity. She got a chance to record her own song with 2 other girls, which were Gwen & Heather.

The next day, the girls arrive at the Miami International Airport, where they meet American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. The girls then found out that they’re doing a mock-out of Kelly’s video “Never Again”. Heather feels confident in herself, because she loves being scary in front of the camera. And her confidence went through with 12 takes beautifully.

At judging, Tia has displeased Madea for her wacky personality in the video. Tyra claims that Kahlen’s takes were too dull, claiming that she had to put life into her takes on camera. At elimination, Tia landed in the bottom two again alongside Kahlen. Because Madea was so disappointed, for the 1st time in Madea’s Next Top Model, she decides to send both Tia & Kahlen home. Tia takes it easy by kindly thanking the judges, but Kahlen gets very upset with the judges, she cusses off the judges and leaves in tears.

Bottom two: Kahlen Rondot & Tia Ayrton-Hill
Eliminated: Kahlen Rondot & Tia Ayrton-Hill
Special guests: Ron Fair & Kelly Clarkson
CoverGirl of the Week: Heather Dorssers

Episode 26

Episode 26
The Young and the Topless

In the twenty-sixth episode, posing instructor Benny Ninja returns for the 3rd time to teach the girls to pose in angles. All the girls impressed Benny, but Kathleen was deemed to be the challenge winner. She and the rest of the girls got a chance to see the #1 movie of 2007/8 “Juno” starring Canadian actress Ellen Page.

The next day, the photo shoot brings a few surprises. The girls are modeling various colour skinny jeans…topless. All the girls felt uncomfortable, but pulled through at the shoot. CariDee wore red skinny jeans, Gwen wore yellow skinny jeans, Heather wore green skinny jeans and Kathleen wore blue skinny jeans.

During the twenty-sixth elimination, the judging test requires the girls to put together a sexy look for spring from a rack of clothing and then show it off. Most of the girls pull off this task reasonably well. When it came down to elimination, Madea decided not to eliminate any of the girls, because of how well they did.

Special guests: Benny Ninja
CoverGirl of the Week: Heather Dorssers

NOTE: This resulted as a pass-through elimination

Episode 27

Episode 27
Happy Valentine’s Day

The girls meet Canadian actress and sex symbol Pamela Anderson at Bayfront Park, who helps them use the mirror with their visual confidence. Later, they were challenged to kiss as many guys and send valentine cards as possible. Heather reigns victorious and receives a $2 000 shopping spree, a Valentine’s Day Gift Card courtesy of The Bay and later on receives a visit from her boyfriend, which results in envy for the other girls.

At the photo shoot, the girls had to shoot a cover try for a Valentine’s Day issue of Fashion Magazine. After being called last the previous week, Kathleen had a lot of great shots. Heather's shot is hailed and the judges feel that her confidence is finally shining through, though her poses started to become too commercial. Gwen's photo garners mixed reactions, but is criticized as being too Italian Vogue rather than catering to the real client. CariDee’s photo shows true fashion quality, and receives positive feedback.

In the end, it was CariDee and Gwen who were at the bottom of the pack. The judges feel that both of them evoked the necessary passion and energy to sell a magazine. The panel felt that Gwen should take one more step, thus CariDee became the twenty-seventh girl eliminated.

Bottom two: Gwen Stefani & CariDee English
Eliminated: CariDee English
Special guests: Pamela Anderson
CoverGirl of the Week: Heather Dorssers

Episode 28

Episode 28
All Good Things Come To an End

The final three have go-sees. For the go-sees, the girls are to have a swimsuit ready, their portfolio neat and ready, and to make sure that they serve their client and to be on time. They are given a time limit of 4 hours. They each have to go to 4 different clients. All the girls arrived on time, making all 3 of the girls the challenge winners. The next day, they have a CoverGirl photo shoot and commercial to do. At judging, the judges were impressed by Heather the most, whereas Gwen looked great, but abrasive in her photo and Kathleen kept saying “like”. In the most shocking elimination yet, Gwen Stefani is sent home, despite having the best commercial and the best photo.

The next day, the final two shoot their covers for Vogue Top Model magazine. Tyra & Stacey McKenzie visits both contestants for one-on-one sessions before they prepare for the final runway challenge. America’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 winner Eva Pigford joins Kathleen and Heather in the runway show for Gwen Stefani’s “L.A.M.B.” line. Madea announced that they’ll be stomping out to the song “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado. Heather starts off with a weak walk but ends off strong and fierce. Kathleen went on the runway smoothly and as fierce as possible.
At the final judging, the panel sees both finalists as winners and is divided over their preference of the girls' walks. Kathleen's striking look and walk gets the thumbs up, and her ability to learn has grown. Heather's photographs receive universal praise. The judges are torn between Kathleen's astounding progress and Heather's overall consistency.

After a long deliberation, the girls are called in and Kathleen is revealed to be the 1st winner of Madea's Next Top Model. This also makes her the first African-American to win the show.

Bottom two: Kathleen DuJour & Gwen Stefani
Eliminated: Gwen Stefani
Final two: Kathleen DuJour & Heather Dorssers
Madea's Next Top Model: Kathleen DuJour
Featured photographer: Jim De Yonker
Special guests: Eva Pigford


In order of elimination
(ages stated are calculated for the year of 2007)

  • Sisi Wang, 24, from Richmond, British Columbia
  • Jaeda Young, 19, from Parkersburg, Iowa
  • Dawn Buggins, 23, from Calgary, Alberta
  • Nnenna Agba, 25, from Houston, Texas
  • Jacqueline Blackman, 20, from Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Corinne "Cori" MacKinnon, 18, from Val Caron, Ontario
  • Ylenia Aurucci, 24, from Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Melissa Rose "Melrose" Bickerstaff, 24, from San Francisco, California
  • Rebecca Hardy, 22, from Mannheim, Ontario
  • Danielle Evans, 21, from Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Andrea Muizelaar, 20, from Whitby, Ontario (quit)
  • Tenika Davis, 24, from Newmarket, Ontario
  • Brandi Alexander, 24, from Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Tara-Marie Winspur, 20, from Calgary, Alberta
  • Jade Cole, 27, from New York City, New York
  • Dionne Walters, 20, from Montgomery, Alabama
  • Renee Alway, 20, from Maui, Hawaii
  • Nelly Furtado, 29, from Victoria, British Columbia
  • Joanie Dodds, 25, from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
  • Alanna Shelast, 20, from Kelowna, British Columbia
  • Jael Strauss, 22, from Detroit, Michigan
  • Sinead Brady, 18, from Chatham, Ontario
  • Furonda Brasfield, 25, from Stuttgart, Arkansas
  • Jaslene Gonzalez, 20, from Chicago, Illinois
  • Tia Ayrton-Hill, 19, from Montreal, Quebec (jointly eliminated)
  • Kahlen Rondot, 23, from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (jointly eliminated)
  • CariDee English, 22, from Fargo, North Dakota
  • Gwen Stefani, 38, from Anaheim, California
  • Heather Dorssers, 21, from Blenheim, Ontario (runner-up)
  • Kathleen DuJour, 20, from Brooklyn, New York (winner)

Call-out Order

# Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8 Ep 9 Ep 10 Ep 11 Ep 12 Ep 13 Ep 14 Ep 15 Ep 16 Ep 17 Ep 18 Ep 19 Ep 20 Ep 21 Ep 22 Ep 23 Ep 24 Ep 25 Ep 26 Ep 27 Ep 28.1 Ep 28.2
1 Dawn Cori Ylenia Nelly Furonda Kathleen Renee Gwen Dionne Andrea Jaslene Alanna Jaslene Jael Furonda Gwen Kahlen Sinead Furonda Jael Gwen Kathleen Gwen Kathleen CariDee CariDee Kathleen Heather Kathleen
2 Melrose Kathleen CariDee Kathleen Jade Jade Nelly Jael Jael Heather Jael Nelly Heather CariDee Sinead Joanie Furonda Furonda Heather Jaslene Kathleen Furonda CariDee Gwen Heather Heather Heather Kathleen Heather
3 Dionne Tara Melrose Jael Rebecca Tara Andrea Joanie Gwen Sinead Brandi Jade Jade Dionne Gwen CariDee Jaslene Jaslene Sinead Kathleen Sinead CariDee Heather Heather Gwen Gwen Gwen Gwen %
4 Danielle Dionne Tara Jade Jaslene Melrose Rebecca Kathleen Alanna Tia Gwen Jael Dionne Joanie Nelly Heather Nelly Joanie Kathleen Gwen Heather Gwen Kahlen Kahlen Kathleen Kathleen CariDee % %
5 Jael Tenika Kahlen Jacqueline Kahlen Jaslene Tara Tia Kahlen Alanna CariDee Jaslene Sinead Heather Jaslene Jael Alanna Kahlen Kahlen CariDee CariDee Tia Jaslene CariDee Kahlen % % % %
6 Kahlen Gwen Sinead Tara Tara Danielle Jade Heather Andrea Brandi Tenika Renee Nelly Kahlen Kahlen Sinead Joanie Tia Gwen Sinead Furonda Jaslene Kathleen Tia Tia % % % %
7 Alanna Jaslene Brandi Sinead Dionne Furonda Brandi Andrea Jaslene Kathleen Dionne Dionne Alanna Renee Joanie Furonda Jael Gwen CariDee Kahlen Kahlen Heather Tia Jaslene % % % % %
8 Furonda Andrea Gwen Heather Heather Rebecca Heather Sinead Nelly Renee Jade Kahlen Renee Sinead Heather Tia Tia Alanna Tia Heather Jaslene Kahlen Furonda % % % % % %
9 Tia Brandi Nelly Brandi Sinead Kahlen Jael CariDee Danielle Jade Kathleen Kathleen Kahlen Alanna Kathleen Renee Heather Heather Jaslene Tia Tia Sinead % % % % % % %
10 Renee Alanna Heather Ylenia Melrose Renee Sinead Kahlen CariDee Nelly Kahlen Brandi Gwen Gwen Renee Kahlen Kathleen Kathleen Alanna Furonda Jael % % % % % % % %
11 Brandi Heather Renee Melrose Renee Sinead CariDee Dionne Kathleen Gwen Furonda Heather Jael Jael Dionne Kathleen CariDee CariDee Jael Alanna % % % % % % % % %
12 Tara Nelly Rebecca CariDee Andrea Dionne Joanie Jade Heather Jael Joanie Sinead CariDee Jaslene CariDee Jaslene Gwen Jael Joanie % % % % % % % % % %
13 Nelly CariDee Furonda Danielle Tenika Gwen Tenika Renee Joanie Jaslene Nelly Gwen Tia Kathleen Jael Nelly Sinead Nelly % % % % % % % % % % %
14 Cori Melrose Nnenna Jaslene Brandi Joanie Gwen Furonda Tenika CariDee Sinead Tia Furonda Furonda Alanna Alanna Renee % % % % % % % % % % % %
15 Nnenna Jael Jael Gwen Ylenia Jael Tia Alanna Brandi Tenika Heather Joanie Joanie Tia Tia Dionne % % % % % % % % % % % % %
16 Jaslene Kahlen Kathleen Joanie Alanna CariDee Kathleen Rebecca Renee Furonda Tia Furonda Kathleen Nelly Jade % % % % % % % % % % % % % %
17 Jaeda Sinead Cori Renee Jael Andrea Jaslene Jaslene Tia Kahlen Alanna CariDee Tara Tara % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %
18 Ylenia Jacqueline Dionne Furonda CariDee Brandi Kahlen Nelly Sinead Dionne Renee Tara Brandi % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %
19 Tenika Rebecca Joanie Kahlen Kathleen Tia Furonda Danielle Furonda Joanie Tara Tenika % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %
20 Heather Renee Tenika Rebecca Danielle Nelly Dionne Tenika Jade Tara Andrea % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %
21 Joanie Joanie Jaslene Dionne Cori Heather Danielle Brandi Tara Danielle % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %
22 Gwen Danielle Tia Tenika Tenika Joanie Tenika Tara Rebecca % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %
23 Andrea Furonda Andrea Alanna Nelly Ylenia Melrose Melrose % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %
24 Sinead Jade Jade Cori Tia Alanna Ylenia % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %
25 Rebecca Ylenia Jacqueline Tia Gwen Cori % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %
26 Jacqueline Nnenna Danielle Andrea Jacqueline % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %
27 CariDee Dawn Alanna Nnenna % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %
28 Jade Tia Dawn % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %
29 Kathleen Jaeda % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %
30 Sisi % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %

-Colour Codes

*Challenge Winner
*CoverGirl of the Week
*CoverGirl + Challenge
*CoverGirl + Eliminated
*Challenge + Eliminated
*Runner Up


  • Tyra Banks [co-judge]
  • Tricia Helfer [co-judge]
  • Jay Manuel
  • Twiggy
  • Jeanne Beker
  • J. Alexander
  • Stacey McKenzie
  • Nigel Barker
  • Cassi Davis

Guest Judges

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • John Thomas
  • Deborah Smith
  • Susan Palmer
  • Julie Andrews
  • Dick Van Dyke
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • Russell Peters
  • Matt LeBlanc
  • Dennis Haysbert
  • Donnie McClurkin
  • Yolanda Adams
  • Benny Ninja
  • Beyonce Knowles
  • Jay-Z
  • Vin Diesel
  • Terry Ananny
  • Eve
  • Rihanna
  • Roy Campbell
  • Sylvia Browne
  • Nelly Furtado - a past contestant
  • Avril Lavigne
  • Jully Black
  • Feist
  • K-Os
  • Amanda Marshall
  • Melissa O’Neil
  • Tyler Perry
  • Boris Kodjoe
  • Brent Poer
  • Queen Latifah
  • Ron Fair
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Pamela Anderson
  • Jim De Yonker
  • Eva Pigford


Sisi: Extra volume and shine [was kept for makeovers after being eliminated]
Jaeda: Halle Berry inspired cut
Dawn: Heavy bangs
Nnenna: Shaved bald
Jacqueline: Rachel Hunter inspired cut
Cori: Gisele Bündchen inspired haircut
Ylenia: Blown-out and color darkened
Melrose: Dyed Nadja Auermann platinum blonde
Rebecca: Cut short and dyed auburn
Danielle: Long and wavy hair weave; later, gap partially closed
Andrea: Cut short and dyed red
Tenika: Long chocolate brown extensions
Brandi: Straightened
Tara: Long weave
Jade: Pixie blonde haircut
Dionne: Kelis inspired cut and dyed darker
Renee: Yoanna House inspired cut
Nelly: Dyed dark brown and curled; later, lengthened with bangs added
Joanie: Dyed icy blonde; later, snaggletooth removed and porcelain crowns added
Alanna: Cut off and color darkened
Jael: Long brunette weave; later, Mia Farrow inspired cut
Sinead: Natalie Portman inspired haircut
Furonda: Tiffany Richardson inspired hair extensions
Jaslene: Trimmed and volumized
Tia: Long bright copper hair extensions
Kahlen: Carmen Kass inspired weave
CariDee: Weaved, lengthened
Gwen: Michelle Pfeiffer inspired haircut
Heather: Cut short and sidelocks lengthened
Kathleen: Long brown umber extensions and curled


Total number of contestants: 30
Oldest contestant: Gwen Stefani, 38 years old
Youngest contestants: Cori McKinnon & Sinead Brady, both 18 years old
Most-represented province or territory/state: British Columbia & Ontario, both 6 contestants (both in Canada)
Tallest contestant: Tara-Marie Winspur
Shortest contestant: Nelly Furtado
Heaviest contestant: Ylenia Aurucci
Lightest contestant: Jaslene Gonzalez
Contestant with the most collective challenge wins: CariDee English, Gwen Stefani & Heather Dorssers, all 3 wins
Top 3's average call-out mean (including semifinals, but excluding last judging panel): Heather Dorssers - 1, Kathleen DuJour - 2.5, Gwen Stefani - 2.5
Top 3's call-out median (including semifinals, but excluding last judging panel): Heather Dorssers - 1, Kathleen DuJour - 2.5, Gwen Stefani - 2.5
Contestant with the most consecutive first call-outs: CariDee English, 2 times
Contestant with the most collective first call-outs: Gwen Stefani, 4 times
Contestant with the most consecutive bottom two appearances: Tara-Marie Winspur, 7 times
Contestant with the most collective bottom two appearances: Tara-Marie Winspur, 7 times
Contestants part of a double elimination: Tia Ayrton-Hill & Kahlen Rondot
Contestant with no appearances in the bottom two: Heather Dorssers
Contestants with the most challenge wins: CariDee English, Gwen Stefani & Heather Dorssers, all 3 wins
Contestant with the most consecutive CoverGirl of the Week wins: Heather Dorssers, 6 wins
Contestant with the most collective CoverGirl of the Week wins: Heather Dorssers, 7 wins

- Cycle 1 Cycle 2
- Kathleen DuJour Melissa Reyes
- Hetaher Dorssers Carly Pope
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